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BruiNecessities Logo (1).png
BruiNecessities Logo (1).png

Menstrual Hygiene

BruiNecessities offers free menstrual hygiene products (pads and tampons) at the following locations:

  • 3rd floor of Kerckhoff Hall

  • RISE Center in LuValle Commons

  • 1st floor of Young Research Library (near CLICC desk)

  • 2nd floor of Powell Library (near inquiry desk)

  • Good Clothes Good People redistribution center in the Student Activities Center,

  • De Neve, Rieber Hall, and Sunset Village Residential Life Office front desks

Menstrual Hygiene products can also be found on every floor of the Ashe Center

Oral Hygiene

In addition to BruiNecessities quarterly oral health fairs, the Ashe Center provides free toothbrushes and toothpaste on every floor.

Campus Smiles

Campus Smiles, located inside the Ashe Center, provides UCLA students dental care. Visit their website to see the services they offer and the insurance plans they accept.

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